My name is Duane Moyle and I have had a life long connection to Art and Design. I recently read a book that asked "What is your why?" That is an easy one for me:


To create works of beauty, so that we may know wonder and enchantment.


Well made, beautiful signage has a timeless elegance that speaks volumes about your ethos and vision.


Using traditional approaches involving pencils, brushes and high quality enamel paint, I can create a bespoke, functional artwork that will set you apart from the masses of poorly designed plastic stickers.



Born and raised in Tauranga, I studied fine art in Auckland and London. As a teenager I had an interest in sign writing but I was told my handwriting was not good enough! Then computers took over all elements of design and production and I had no interest in that. After moving back to Tauranga in 2013 I discovered the documentary "Sign Painters" and saw hand crafted lettering was alive and well in the USA and UK. I'm sure there are people here who share the interest in vintage crafts and want to see something made by a person, not a robot.

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